Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dr. Anurag Lila (DM Endocrinologist in Powai, Mumbai)

I'm Dr. Anurag Lila, Endocrinologist. After completing MD in general medicine, I joined Doctorate in Medicine (DM) in Endocrinology at King Edward Memorial (KEM) hospital in Parel, Mumbai and have successfully completed the 3 year super-speciality course last year. Thereafter, I have been working as a faculty in the same department.

My specialization involves diagnosing and treating all types of the endocrine diseases such as
  • Insulin resistance (obesity, diabetes, PCOS disorder)
  • Thyroid disorder with special reference to pregnancy
  • Bone disorders (osteoporosis),
  • Pituitary-adrenal disease (cushing's syndrome)

You can find some of my research publications related to the above topics here.

I can be reached at 


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